I’m a coach in life, leadership, business and parenting, based in Hindhead, Surrey. Following a successful career in education, leadership and change management, I’m really excited to be exploring ways of supporting changes for others, whatever that may bring.

From the moment I qualified in teaching, I was also drawn towards coaching; facilitating others to make changes from within themselves seemed so aligned to teaching! I first qualified as an NLP coaching practitioner in 2000, and throughout my extensive change management and leadership experience within education, this coaching tool proved invaluable as a way of leading fellow colleagues through a wide range of positive changes. This operates on a wide range of levels,  both personal and professional; whole school, departmental or simply individual. Coaching is based on the premise that the solution always lies within the person seeking change, be it personal or professional, and this is the beauty of coaching – the answers always come from the coachee rather than the coach.

Having reached the level of Deputy Head in a highly successful and popular teaching school, I made the decision to downsize my teaching role in order to give me time both to raise my family, and to further concentrate on my passion for coaching, a transition which came very naturally to me. Having qualified with the highly prestigious Barefoot Coaching Company in Personal, Business and Executive Coaching, I’m also now expanding my repertoire to reflect my many years of experience working with parents and teenagers. I love the creative energy and constant challenges provided in working closely with children on the start of their journey into the wider world and feel humbled to share part of that journey with them. The Parent Coaching qualification I have now acquired from Barefoot gives me the expertise to help open out choices both for teenagers and their parents in navigating the ever-changing world of growing up in the twenty first century.

My greatest and most enduring passion is people. In coaching you, whatever your needs, I will be completely absorbed by whatever you bring, highly motivated to support you in achieving whatever goals you wish to work on, and to help you clarify what those goals may be. I can guarantee that I will hold you in a safe space whilst you explore whatever challenges might stand in the way of achieving your goals, and I will hold you accountable, for the first time, in truly achieving them.

I would love to hear from you if you are seeking change of any kind – for yourself, for your business, for your leadership team, for your parenting. Coaching is a wonderful way to elicit self- discovery, self-generated solutions and strategies, and to work within a relationship on an equal footing to find the responsibility and accountability to turn your personal or professional goals into your reality. In the words of Tony Robbins, 

“As soon as you commit to making something happen, the “how” will reveal itself.”



“Working with Louise turned out to be exactly what I needed in a number of completely unexpected ways. I knew that I was stuck in a repetitive pattern of behaviour, that something needed to change, but I had no real understanding of why this was the case. Louise is incredibly empathetic and easy to talk with, and she enabled me to see beyond the surface of my perceived challenges. Talking with someone impartial, who asks the right questions, for the first time has opened my mind to a surprising, but completely logical, new perspective. Louise has helped me figure out a clearer path in my mind, and most importantly she has provided me with some great tools with which I can approach the future in a positive, focused and structured manner. I would definitely turn to her again when I need to get back on track.”   

- Maria, Small Business Owner